FTC to Host Green Marketing Claims Webinar on February 19

The US federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are co-sponsoring a webinar on green marketing claims this coming Thursday, February 19th. From our perspective, this is a great resource and should be excellent listening.

The conference prospectus claims that the webinar will clarify and define widely misused green marketing terms like “environmentally safe,” “recyclable,” “degradable” or “ozone friendly”.   We think this webinar should be especially useful to responsible consumer products companies as it is conducted by the very federal agencies that will likely set regulations and policies in 2009 and beyond.

The speakers for the webinar are:

Laura DeMartino, Assistant Director in the Enforcement Division of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. Ms. DeMartino oversees enforcement of consumer protection orders as well as numerous FTC rules and guides.  In particular, she supervises the ongoing review of the FTC’s Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims, more commonly known as the “Green Guides.”  She will give the background and sources for informed environmental decisions on green marketing claims – and where to report false claims.

Sara Hartwell
, Environmental Specialist, USEPA Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery. Ms. Hartwell is leading EPA’s Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery’s program to increase the recycling rate of packaging.  Ms. Hartwell’s professional background includes R&D with a flexible packaging converter, as well as hazardous waste methods development.  Ms. Hartwell will talk about the definitions and terms used for green marketing claims. She will also share information on some of the projects she is working on with commercial partners.

To register, follow this link (GoToWebinar).  You will need to be able to view presentations via your computer and listen to the audio portion by telephone or through your PC speakers. Registered participants will be able to connect to the web link provided in the reminder e-mail that will be sent out 2 days in advance of the call date.