Resin Suppliers Denounce Oxo-Degradables

In a letter to the country’s national association of supermarkets and department stores, Mexico’s three biggest polyethylene suppliers have denounced oxo-biodegradable technology.

An article posted by Plastics News quotes the letter:

“We consider that the use of degrading additives is not a sustainable way of tackling this issue [of waste management], as it has not been proven indisputably that materials containing such [biodegrading] additives really do biodegrade in landfills or can be recycled. In other words, degrading additives do not add value to plastic waste, including polyethylene waste.”

The letter was signed by Cleantho de Paiva Leite Filho, at the time Braskem Idesa’s commercial and institutional relations director, Paula Sans Quiros, Dow’s commercial director in Mexico for the company’s performance and specialty plastics, and Carlos Pani Espinosa, Pemex Química’s deputy commercial director.

The letter also cites an April vote by the European parliament, which urged member countries to “drastically reduce materials that contain oxo-biodegradables to the point where they are eliminated altogether.”