The Right Way to Go Green

Santa Barbara City College featured a report about a terrific program from that city’s Center for Sustainability. To reduce waste, the Center has partnered with the city of Santa Barbara’s environmental services to implement a post-consumer compost program.

Potato starch utensils, sugar cane to-go containers, and yellow compost bins are used throughout the Zero Waste and Awareness Program being implemented by the Center for Sustainability.

“Waste is a human concept,” said NikiAnne Feinberg, full-time coordinator of the Center for Sustainability. “It doesn’t exist in nature. I think of it as something that we haven’t found a second use for yet.”

She said the program tries to minimize the waste that goes to the landfill. It provides greater opportunities for participation and education on campus.

Nearly all the disposable stuff provided by the cafeteria can be composted, with the exception of plastic condiment cups and coffee cup lids. Marc Sullivan, director of food services, said that they are looking at compostable alternatives.